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November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Of course, nothing can be normal in our family :)

I thought I had this Halloween in the bag (pun intended). Two weeks ago, I purchased Luci's Halloween: 2-4T Dora Princess costume online. It arrived in the mail, and of course I didn't think a thing of it. Until, Halloween Eve when I tried to shove my cutie 2.5 year old into a 1-2 year old costume. 

THANKfully, Luci has been on a big Cinderella kick. On a random trip to Goodwill I found a 4T Cinderella costume for $4. I mean for a four dollar investment I was thinking it would be worth it if she played dress up with it one time. Or maybe I was secretly hoping she would wear it every time she watches Cinderella...still whatever happens the total investment was $4.

Amazingly- Cinderella came in for the win after Princess Dora was about 2 sizes too small. And Halloween was saved for a $4 whim! I might just buy 2 costumes every year from now on...just in case. 

I hope you had a successful and safe Halloween :)