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October 21, 2013

Weekend Update

WHEW! Even with a glass of wine in hand, I'm still feeling pretty tired from a big, long but successful weekend!

One of our closest friends allowed us to borrow his bad a look'in Ford F-350 Diesel truck. It only took one day of driving it but I think Luis might becoming a truck man :) With one day of free truck use, we bee lined to Restore and picked up some trim and crown modeling. From there we went to Menards to load up on anything and everything we might need in the next few months that's LONG. 

While this project wasn't a big priority on our TO DO list, we decided, Saturday AM over breakfast, to knock down the tile wall in our kitchen. In the first week of us being in this house we discovered under layers of wallpaper, this pretty tile. Unfortunately, it wasn't in good enough shape to salvage. 

After taking it down it looked a little something like this...

Not exactly "child friendly". We picked up a few sheets of drywall on our Menards trip and put it up in record time. Guess all of our practicing previously was good for something! We are just waiting for the mudding to set and then I can post "finished" project pictures up but here is the current shot minus the box in the background......

We actually finished up another project too but those details will be for another probably Wednesday.

Amazingly, we were able to do a majority of our house "working" on Saturday and had the chance for family time on Sunday. 

What did you get done this weekend??

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