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October 23, 2013

Purty'in Up Our Window

We have this large bay window in our living room. We almost didn't even notice it when we were first looking at this house because it was covered up by thick large horrifically ruffled outdated window shades. Even once the curtains were removed there was a large awning outside that meant about 1/2 the view from the window was metal. Here is our "before" of those dreaded awnings...

Once the window curtains and awning were removed- it was a completely different space. The light that comes in is fantastic. The ability to see my entire yard is wonderful- especially when Luci wants nothing more than to be outside constantly. 

The window was originally framed with wood trim. Since we are all about recycling aka cheap I removed it, sanded and painted them white. With the help of a new nail gun purchase, oh boys and their power tools, we finally added the trim back on this weekend!

Here is the white trim up and beautiful...

And then with added window curtains and rod...

Slowly, this place is looking more and more like an actual house vs. construction project. :)

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