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October 17, 2013

Okay okay... I'm back! ...for now

Hey friends!

Sorry for the MAJOR break I took but it was greatly needed. I started a new job which has absorbed most of my time. Crazy how after being at a company for 2 years, how comfortable you get!  With this new position, I have been doing everything I can to absorb all the info they throw at me...without loosing my mind.

Also, I realized with this big time shift- a lot of my little jobs I had been doing around the house were taking a lot longer to get done. Example: Those silly interior doors! I started this project over a month ago. Each door (7 total) required 2 coats of primer and at least 1-2 coats of paint. 

All of this had to be done when a curious toddler was not around, so needless to say this one little project has taken weeks.  It's still not over yet either, I'm going to see if I can spray paint the hinges (withOUT taking off the doors- I don't have that kind of energy) maybe this week??

Another ridiculous project: painting the exterior of my house. I didn't foresee my helpers i.e. the hubs to log less than 10 minutes of painting time total. Also the weather hasn't been the most helpful (rain rain go away!). So I am still- STILL- painting...forever painting.

BUT I think I've gotten into a rythm and am hoping to bring you a few small projects- maybe 1 a week or so in the near future.

So, that is the plan! I've not left you :) I know, all two of you, were probably very worried. What have I missed in the past month? Have you done any DIY projects??

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