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September 22, 2013

Weekend Update!

Today is the first day of Fall!

The start of September included more than a few 90 degree days. It's hard to think Fall (sweaters, lattes, and leaves changing, oh my!) when you are sweltering (let's call a spade a spade: welcome awkward sweating). Last weekend the temps finally turned cold. All of a sudden, it hit me. All my fun outside summer projects will no longer be possible!

Granted, I have a garage, so I could paint a cabinet or two here or there if necessary. Of course there will be the opportunity to spray paint anything and everything. But for BIG outdoor projects, they are now limited and subject to our craaazay weather. I all of as sudden went from - hey let's do some project inside our house, to ... we have to paint everything NOW mode.

I some how convinced my wonderful husband to help me paint our house. As in...the exterior, in one weekend. Enter: nervous feelings.

Like all of my projects, my hopeful timing was way off. But first things first... how to paint a house?
 I did some serious searching online and honestly didn't find very much- other than a few sites saying "hire someone" or "buy new vinyl". Thanks internet explorer! I'm not made of money...sooo those options are out. The Home Depot (HD) staff was really helpful. 

We knew we had to power wash the outside (our house has vinyl siding). We were told to do an easy "algae test" of taking a white rag and wiping down some of your vinyl. If the rag is green, you'll need to spray it with a bleach solution. Ours came up dirty- but no algae. 

Step one: Obtain a power washer. We ended up buying one for $100 at Home Depot because we know we will use it in the future. Or you can rent one for $25/4 hours

Step two: Pick your paint! This includes colors, finish types AND the kind+brand of paint. I had picked up a few swatches on my last trip to HD. After carrying them around in my purse for a few weeks, I kept going back and forth on 2 different shades of gray. Luis helped pick the final color. 
Dark Ash is our Exterior paint color...more on the mystery blue to come!

We bought 3 gallons of Behr with primer already added. These bad boys run $40/piece. Ouch. And we'll need to get another gallon if we want the garage to match. But with big projects come big results.

Step three: Landscaping. This is the point of the weekend where I learned my fear of spiders and snakes is much more real than I previously thought. There might have been a few moments of frantic arm thrashing for no reason. You can BET, even a day later, I still think I feel something crawling on my shoulder.

All tree branches, long grass, weeds, semi dying plants- everything -has to be removed or moved away from the base of the house. I learned our house has what I lovingly call "spider alley"...ugh gross. After a lot of cutting/pulling, our house was ready!

While I was all "crazy eyes" picking up weeds/looking for creepy crawlies, Luis was removing our awnings and power washing. By the time the sides were dry, I was ready to paint.
No weeds, No Awnings, and classy Power Washer unintentional product placement :)

More on all of that later this week...

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