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September 17, 2013

Stinky problems...

We're not talking diapers or potty training either.

On Sunday, I smelled it. Absolutely hit me square in the nose. Sewage.

What's worse- I was in my house. That should just never happened.

We found out that both toilets and our water heater were leaking black sludge. I almost threw up... the smell was horrific. After a call to our plumber, he told us we couldn't use any of our water. That means: no showers, no teeth brushing, no dinner, nada. I was done.

We booked a hotel a few miles from our house, packed up for the night and left. 

While the hotel was wonderful- and stench free, we knew the problem was still waiting for us. 

Monday morning, and 2 more plumbers in, we found out a near by tree was actually forcing it's roots into our beloved pipes. After 7 HOURS and what they call the "big machine", we were back in business. 

As silly as it sounds, especially after only being displaced for 1 day, I was so thankful to be back in our house. There is something about being in your own bed that just makes you breathe a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the plumber we used was amazing and we actually paid for less than $1,000, for over 10 hours of plumbing work on our house. We were told this will be a yearly thing but should be more like $90/year charge. So grateful we know the problem and it is solved!

No question, this was a big deter from my normal DIY'ing. But I'm hoping to finish up the projects I started this week and will be back more this week :)

Hoping all your plumbing is just as is should be this week!!


  1. Glad your plumbing problems have been solved and for a reasonable price! Would you mind sharing your plumbers contact information? We have 3 large trees in our front yard and 1 large tree in our backyard so I'd like to get our plumbing checked out before this winter since we've been in our house 2 years.

  2. Absolutely! I'll text you Jeff's number- if he can't help you, he can refer you to someone who can. I trust ANYONE Jeff says is okay. :)