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September 4, 2013

Revised Rack

We have a big problem in our household...okay it's more of I have a problem in our house. Our house is 1.5 baths.

This means 1 full shower.

This means 1 shower rack.

This math does not compute.

With 1 shower rack, it means someone misses out on hanging their towel. That person is me!

As sick as I was of my lack of towel space, I set out to make a difference.

Hobby Lobby had hooks 50% off. How could I say no?

PLUS it obviously states: His and Hers. I mean there really is no gap for interpretation. This one is for me. This one is for you. AKA don't put your stuff on my hooks. I'm all about sharing, but damp towels just throw all heart felt sincerity out the window.

Towels for all! long as you don't have yours on mine :)

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