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September 26, 2013

Paint Picking...

With all of the painting that has gone into this house (literally almost EVERY square foot has been primed and painted or is on the to do list), I was nervous about every major paint color choice. When you are looking for colors withIN your house- you want to make sure they all look cohesive. I love grays, browns and blues, but I'm not going to have every room gray. Or every room blue. Colors need to work together. If only Martha Stewart made house calls...for free.

Now, when it came to picking the OUTSIDE color of our house- we were dealing with an entirely different animal.

First of all- no need to work with ANY other colors. It's just 1 color since your doors + trim are a much smaller project then painting a whole house!

As you know I looooooooved this pin and was planning on a light beige house. My husband convinced me in 1 road trip... down our street, starting at the opposite end. We played this fun little game where I would look right and he would look left, we would call out the colors of the houses that are on our street as we passed by. 

I was blown away! Everything was either: brown, beige or blue. I mean it was embarrassing. We might have an occasional white or 1 light gray. But absolutely everything else was brown, beige or blue. Sure there were variations- but let's call a spade a spade- this street was in a color rut!

Since many of the ranches on our block have been torn down and rebuilt to be $700k houses (seriously- it's more than intimidating). We want our cute little house to pop out from all the others. Being the light gray/light blue it was before- you didn't even notice it. 

After 1 five minute car ride, I was all in for dark gray. I kept a few color swatches in my purse for a week. I finally realized I kept choosing between 2 grays. I left it to Luis to make the final call. From there, we picked up 3 buckets and started in.

Happy color choosing!

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