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September 10, 2013

Our New Normal...

This week was suppose to be smooth.
This week was suppose to be fun!

Aaahhh expectations... they are so silly.

It all started Sunday night when we were getting Luci ready for bed. She made a simple comment "Daddy my belly itches". We lift up her shirt to see a big blotchy spot. From there it escalated to most of her back, her belly and her shoulders. We bee lined to Walgreens to get Claritin for kids.

Last week Luci had her 2.5 year check up. Because she had been coughing I asked for a blood test for allergies- I thought it was outdoor. Monday morning, we were at her pediatricians by 9:45 am with a stop on the way at Walgreens for a prescription to help with the swelling. The test results had come back, our little pumpkin is allergic to milk, egg whites AND wheat.

We absolutely felt like we had been hit by a freight train.
Knowing Trader Joe's is the spot for most things food allergy related- we bee lined. 
Here's the great thing about TJ's: it has gluten free and vegan products. Here's the bad thing about well... anywhere: most gluten free items have dairy or eggs, and most vegan items are made with wheat flour.

We basically purchased almost every item that Trader Joes has that combines all 3 of our new allergies. After taste testing a few of them- hands down the Trader Joes Snickerdoodles are absolutely amazing. We were practically in tears knowing that cookies were not banned from our house hold. Overly dramatic? Probably but it was a pretty rough day :/

Here's the good part: Luis and I only really need to cover our bases with dinners and breakfast. I love to say- Lucia's favorite food is whatever anyone else is eating. So no sneaking allowed! But even last night, we got away with making a normal pizza for us, then a "tostada" personal pizza for her with a corn tortilla crust. She loved it! 

No question, this big diet change made us both crave all the things we will be missing. I think Luis drank about a 1/2 gallon of milk last night- just gearing up to say good bye haha. We are definitely ditching the vegetarian idea with this new found list of "cannot haves" in our life. But we will definitely do everything we can to keep up the veggie eating!

Now if we could only find a solve for egg substitutions that doesn't include egg whites...

Definitely more to come on all of this! But due to the extra dr. visits and chaos of this week- I'll probably only be posting 1 other post for Thursday. Sorry for the gap in posts but I'll be focusing on my most important job: being a momma. That and drooling over pinterest posts of carbs...

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