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September 5, 2013

Lights Up!

I've been searching for some decent outdoor lighting.

We are hoping to eventually repaint the outside of our house. With the repainting we wanted a nice statement piece for our lighting. While it might not look perfect with our current light blue siding, like every teenager- we were in for an awkward phase.
No question our lighting needed some work...

One of our latest excursions to Menards allowed me to find this beauty...

While it wasn't a DRASTIC reduction like I'm known to sometimes find, I was happy with any discount. And $45 for 2 lights, is a win in my book!

On Labor Day, in our PJs, we finally got to add these pretty things to our outside decor!  

Next up is revising that mail box. Post to come next week. And maybe ... in the next few months we'll have a nicer color outside of the house? It's on the to do list... here's hoping!

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