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September 24, 2013

House Painting: Progress!

Last weekend I decided to paint our house

Amazingly enough, I am still painting. And I feel like I might still be painting for the rest of my life. Or hopefully just for the next 2 days...

At the end of Sunday our house looked like this (which I'm sure our neighbors looooved)...

My 5 feet 6 inches height was lacking something... 

After obtaining a ladder, which amazingly fit into our Prius, I was able to access the top of our house.  At the end of yesterday our house looked like this (imagine the wet paint spots dry)...

My goal tonight is to start on the final side of our house.

Goal for Wednesday PM is to finish up all remaining touches that are needed. I cannot wait to be done with the BASE of this project.

Because we have rain in the forecast for Saturday, and paint needs 3 days to cure, I'm hoping to give myself a painting breather (maybe I'll finally get all the gray from under my finger nails) and possibly knock out the white trim Sunday if the weather holds out.

Sloooooowly but surely this house will be gray! 

So whaddya think?

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