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September 12, 2013

Cubby Complete!

I've been wanting a cubby for Lucia to be able to put her shoes on - and for our items as well. Come winter, we'll have many coats, hats, mittens, gloves, you name it. And it would be lovely if those items could have a home... as in not throughout my house type of home.

We actually just took the top and bottom "shelves" and added some plywood behind it.

So after some white washing, we were here...

After some hooks we were here...

And amazingly enough, it all worked! And even more shocking- it fits! 

But it fits.

Maybe the funniest part of this project is that no one notices it. Because we do have a lot of white in this area, it must blend in. My sister, my mother in law and best friend all walked right past it and didn't even notice.

My future goals for this room is to add some chevron dark blue stripes- maybe I'll add some blue to this cubbie as well to tie it all in. Also we are in the works of adding a shelf above the white sink so we can put our laundry detergent inside instead of it resting on top of our stacked laundry.

What are your thoughts?

Suggestions for where I can add the dark blue to the cubbie? I'm all ears!

Happy DIY'ing all!


  1. I would paint the the panels that you have the hooks screwed into.

    1. I was thinking about that! Or maybe doing a pattern... maybe chevron??

  2. I would find a fun fabric or wallpaper (do they sell cute contact paper? that'd be easy to install) for inside the cubbies. If your set on a blue chevron wall then I'd do a yellow/white or something not too matchy matchy in the cubbies. Or you could look for/make a bench cushion to add color.

    1. GREAT Idea!! :) I wasn't a big fan of the inside of the cubbies- will definitely think about adding to it :)