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August 14, 2013

Table Talk: When DIY'ing Goes Very Very Wrong

When we bought our house we kept a few items. One of them being a coffee table + matching end table! I'm a sucker for storage and matching items so this pair was staying with us.
Coffee Table Before
These 2 items have been my summer's Everest! Every step of the way, MULTIPLE things have gone wrong.

End Table After Sanding
First things first, I sanded these both down. I then tried a "weathered gray" stain. Being very new to the staining scene, it was a major...major fail. I don't even have pictures of the fail- that's how sad it was. I think because of the dark yellow wood, it mixed with the gray and made BLUE. Like gray. Not quite the color scheme I was going for.

Coffee Table Post Sanding
Then I went dark. REALLY dark. Maybe too dark. The stain I was using needed polyurethane. I didn't wait long enough for the stain to set before adding the clear coat- it was a dark gooey hot mess.

Finally, staining and polyurethane set and I was on to the legs. I wanted something that would pop. Because the base was green, I tried Rustoleum's brown textured spray paint. It looked meh. I didn't want meh. This project was ridiculous- I wanted something worth while. It needed to pop.

Because this project began at the beginning of the summer, I wanted it to be DONE for our summer party. This just didn't happen. Fortunately, I used the rest of the brown paint to help out a dresser and moved forward.

Finally, I found a nice gold spray paint and added it the legs of the end table. So far we have a winner! I really like this coloring pair. I'm hoping the wood didn't turn out TOO dark and will go with our dark brown/red family room color theme.

I'm overwhelmed just WRITING this post, that's how frustrating these tables have been. Hoping it was all worth while :)

What do you think??

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