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August 1, 2013

Pop'in Tags!

We live dangerously close to a GOOD Goodwill. The key to a good GW is 3 fold...

1. Clean. Not lick the floors clean, just needs to not give you the creeps when you walk in

2. Smells Good- and by smells good I mean they buy Febreeze in BULK

3. Has to be located near a Target. This might seem odd but I am a huge fan of Target. Target loves to donate clearance items that have been sitting too long on their shelves. OR in a great neighborhood. That last one can be a waste of time, maybe it's my fault for wishful thinking?

The Goodwill near our house rocks out all 3 of my requirements. I score some gems almost every time I go. It's hard not to make weekly trips for some fun bargain hunting.

On a diaper run trip, I decided to take a short cut Luci to pop some tags! Of course my lil cutie patootie is just like her momma and loves shopping.

This trip was a success! We actually found something I have been searching for avidly in the past week. Curtains! I've been searching like a crazy woman for tall curtains. While I'm really hoping to find black out curtains soon for our living room, these purty thangs will go up perfectly in our bedroom...

I've been searching for long grommet curtains. This package had 2 matching white 95 inch grommet curtains. Can't get more exact then that!


A few things I said no to but was kicking myself for later...

 If only we had a nautical theme...

Maybe I'll go back for the big tile. It was only $2.50 and was surprisingly light. I could easily paint it an accent color. Can you see this in red? Just me?

Any fun finds for you lately?

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