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August 7, 2013

Nothing a Little Spray Paint Can't Fix!

From a previous GW trip I found this decorative tile, a little beat up and sad. 

Because of the tough shape it was in, it was priced at only $2.50!

This thing is big and shockingly light. Let's be honest, if I can't wrangle a toddler + lifting it, then it's going to get the boot. No matter how cheap!

I knew it could be a really nice statement piece but I couldn't picture where it could specifically go in our house. At first I was thinking paint it red? ...but that seemed a little too loud. But for $2.50, I couldn't say no!

After we were done with this project, I had the end of 1 can of silver spray paint left. JUST enough to finish this project off.

The big surprise was from Luis's feedback. He looked at me like a crazy person when I walked in with the before. I actually got a smirk with a funny- "I won't resent you for it" after he saw the painted finished product. Translation from the comedian: win!

Here it is in all it's glory hanging up in our master bedroom. (crocs not included)

What do you think?
And yes I'm fully aware that bed spread needs to be updated like yesterday. It's progress people!

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