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August 26, 2013

Gorbi Pride!

This weekend was, as always, a swarm of activity. But two things made me pretty proud...

1. Lucia has been doing great at potty training. I've noticed via SWOT analysis lately that the only major accidents happen when she is in the middle of a lot of activity. If there are more than 3 kids playing near her- the focus is off and then we have issues. 

At church yesterday, she was downing water right before she went to her class. I was more than nervous. I waited 20 minutes through worship then slipped back to see her. She was just exiting the bathroom. She had walked up to the volunteers and let them know she had to go and went! I was so proud of her- I mean like big silly grin on my face type proud. Hoping our lives will soon be undies only!

2. This project. Oh this project. I thought it was done. I TOLD you it was done. This lil DIY project has had a mind of it's own from the start. I finished spray painting the legs of the end table only to buy the same spray paint for the coffee table that was missing a nozzle. 

Ugh what!? I'm maybe thee most impatient person especially with projects. I just want it done! So I went drastic and repainted both pieces gold. I moved out our current coffee table. I was moments away from bringing the reclaimed pieces in, when Luis made the worst comment ever "You aren't going to paint the inside?" 

So now of course I had to paint the inside. A lil perturbed as I thought this project was done done, I threw some light gray on it. It did not work. The dark stain with the golds caused the gray to be very very off. I rummaged through  my little collage of colors and saw I picked up this dark red for 50 cents at Home Depot.

After 1 coat I was exhausted and no longer loving anything. Luis was over the moon! He even through out the magic words: "Pottery Barn Like". I mean... is there a more loving phrase in the world? I'm not sure there is.

So here is the seriously finished project PLACED:

Thoughts?  Here is hoping these bad boys are there to STAY! And not change. Put... the paint brush..down!

Happy Monday all!

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