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August 16, 2013

Friday Randoms!

Can you believe it? We made it! Weekend here I come! So let's dive in...

- Luis and I got a little crazy this week and purchased a vacation for December! Our #1 love (after luci of course) is traveling. Because traveling isn't the cheapest thing to do, it's been on the back burner for a while. We are ecstatic to get out and explore the world a lil.

- This week was a week of cross crap off my to do list. I have been sitting on a few - sadly not DIY projects :(- different items and this week I said enough is enough! I fought hard with my schedule and won a few moments of peace and quiet to knock them out of the park. Yay! Now where's my celebratory cookie?

-  The Restore had a 50% off sale yesterday. They always have a 50% off every Thursday but it's on select items. Translation: nothing you would want is now half off. But YESTERDAY it was half off the whole store! I was giddy and could barely contain myself while driving there. I wanted to do more damage that I did but I label it a success as I walked out with a $4 massive mirror. Oh and 5 cans of spray paint for $2.50 total! You know my love of spray paint.

-  My goal this weekend is to FINISH the 2 remaining projects that are collecting dust in my garage. It should only take 1 can of spray paint and a lil convincing for some husband help - but I think we can do it! Hoping to send pictures next week of those said items DONE. Here is hoping!

Short and sweet! Hoping your weekend is LONG and amazing :)

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