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August 2, 2013

Friday Randoms!

FINALLY Friday!!

- Last night I took a spill while holding Lucia. My hip is bruised. My knee was bloody. My pride took the biggest hit. FORTUNATELY, like a good momma bear, I shielded Luci entirely and she didn't even have a scratch. She was only a bit scared for why her fully capable mother failed her. Currently googling "good stories why I fell" trying to come up with a story to make me look less silly. Best bet so far: thwarting off ninjas. You can't go wrong with ninjas... or using the word thwarting.

- In recent discoveries I've come to realize adding 1 word of spanish in context while addressing a group is really the best way to get everyone's attention and chuckles. 

- We are gearing up for our house warming party tomorrow. Drywall has been mudded, is being sanded today and painted tonight and tomorrow. We are hoping to finish up the transitions in our houses and if I'm lucky I'll wrap up 2 big DIY projects that have been going on FOREVER. Here's hoping it all works out! Thank goodness we invited friends who are too nice to tell us differently :)

- I need a cleaning crew to come to my house....can't stop staring at all the messes!

- This week has been hectic x1000. But I've noticed you have to keep your eyes on the good. Sounds simple but not easy to do. In all the insanity, there is always some light. Keep looking for it! :)

Have a great weekend all!

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