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August 13, 2013

DIY: Sad Stickers Changed to a Pretty Gray!

When we moved into our house it was FULL (full = almost every room + the garage had LARGE, old, smelly, and very dirty furniture) of the previous owner's items. Most of it we donated or given away via craigslist. We did end up selling their King sized solid Oak bed frame because it was in good shape. 

A few things we kept! Really 5 items...
- We kept a corner kitchen table they had previously because it fits perfectly in the kitchen, even though we don't like the color or the fact that it's not the most comfortable to get into. Until we redo the kitchen, the table will remain.

- We kept a matching end table and coffee table. They actually have a decent amount of storage to them so I am hoping to store a few if not ALL of the laptops that liter our current coffee table.

- We squirreled away in our garage 1 crib and 1 dresser. We figured it we ever have another kiddo, we can use Luci's current dresser (with changing table on top- Craigslist find from before I was blogging) for the newbie and she can have this DIY'd dresser. Her crib is a 3 in 1 type, so this "new to us" crib can go to the newest addition. Its just a little beat up and in need of a lil lovin but since we're not even trying to have a kid, I figured that project can wait a bit.

So onward and upward to new Luci's future dresser that is currently being used by my Mom in law while she's staying with us...

This is what this sad guy looked like when we bought our house... Sorry Mickey stickers, your time is done...

With having obtained this dresser for ZERO dollars, this entire project ended up being FREE. Maybe my favorite word...

I was going to buy new hardware but after further investigation I thought these pulls had a lot of character. A separate DIY project - gone bad (say it aint so!?)- left me with 1/2 a can of Rustoleum dark brown textured spray paint. It ended up working really well for the hardware to go from the gold/oddly brassy fixtures they were before to a nice dark color...

The paint was OOPS paint I picked up from Home Depot. For $5 I knew I'd use this light gray and I was right! I figured this could be perfect no matter what future kiddo we have. If it's a girl, we can accent with pink. If it's a boy, we can accent with yellows or navy blues. The opportunities are endless and this future kid isn't even cooking yet! (Can't stress that enough- noooo bun in the oven!)

 So finished product came out pretty good! I was really happy and especially for zero dollars? That was just the icing on the cake!

The detail on this dresser is so fun. I could tell this had good "bones" and just need a new color :)

Any fun new projects you are into lately?

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