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August 6, 2013

Craigslist Comes Through Again!

While it had a few problem areas, it was $5 so I couldn't say no! While said problem areas haven't gone away haven't been fixed I actually spray painted this from it's original wicker to a nice dark brown.

I didn't know if it would make a difference but I wish I had a before picture (blog fail). It really does make it look like a finished product. I don't notice the missing pieces quite as much either.

I originally planned to put this in my entry way to keep keys, phones and purses until I was pinspired to make more of a bench.

So this little number helped out at our House Warming Party over the weekend. I added cups, silverware and napkins to the top. The middle tray housed all the kiddo toys. And the bottom was full of extra napkins and cups.

It was so nice to have those items away from the counter that had food so it wouldn't bog down a line of hungry people especially when they only need 1 napkin.

I think once our front room turns into a dining room, it might end up there. Currently, post party, it's housing 1 barbie doll. And I'm not even mad about that :)

Anyone know how to fix wicker? This was put together with tiny little nails. I tried a nail gun but that didn't quite work. Let me know if you have any tips! I welcome all :)

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