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August 5, 2013

Consider Our House Warmed!

Our house warming party was a success!

We were a little nervous beforehand and definitely had a big push to finish up all the big projects before guests started arriving. At one point our drive way had 4 different projects drying at the same time. So glad it didn't rain or it would have been a different story.

I knew we would have a lot of kiddos but I didn't know there would be 7 of them! There were lil rug rats everywhere - including my own adding to the fun. We had several under 1 who were crawling everywhere and fast. I was glad we could close our fenced in yard and rope them off. I think it helped all parents breath a little easier.

I had a feeling we'd have a few lil ones so I bought 2 hula hoops, a ridiculous amount of bubbles, side walk chalk, 1 soft frisbee, 1 soft football and a few small plastic water guns. I found most at the dollar store or the dollar section of Target. 

All were a hit! A few rules came around the water guns- especially for Lucia who was greeting guests by squirting them. All the young kids loved the bubbles. All the older kids loved the frisbees. It worked out well.

The best was this...

With most of the projects complete, we got to clear out our garage and actually put our CARS in it! So exciting!

Can you believe it... a garage... to have cars IN them?

Can't wait to show you all our progress this week :) Happy Monday!

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