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July 25, 2013

White Wash It!

We have this really fun... err... empty-ish space near our laundry near the side door to our house. So picture the first thing people see when they come in my house... empty hole. Sad face.

I knew I wanted something for all of our coats, hats, purses and Luci's shoes, etc.

Call me pinspired by this idea...

Thank you to Craigslist, we found an old Ikea bookshelf that I saw as a perfect match for the "bones" of my project. Wish I had a picture but it was already taken down by the time we got it back to our home. $20 and I had the makings of greatness. 

Our space by the laundry isn't very wide, so my thoughts was to have a seat on the bottom with storage, some storage on top and hooks in between. 

After reading this post, I knew I wanted to white wash this baby down. The wood is really nice so I didn't want to just cover it up with paint. And frankly I'm stained out. Staining takes time and is sticky... plus the sanding. Too many steps! White wash seemed like the perfect solution.

I mixed 1/2 water 1/2 paint and got to it. 
Okay less talky talky more pictures...complete with barbie doll...

 My lovely model...

Can you picture it?
End result will be blogged, of course!

Any white washing for you lately?

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