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July 15, 2013

Weekend Update!

After being on vacation last weekend, we were much less tired when thinking of projects to tackle for our big house warming party on Aug. 3rd. 

While we're still not ready to jump back into the wonderful world of flooring just yet (only 2 rooms to go but we know flooring takes the most energy), we were able to justify trying to jump start a few small projects.

Mostly we worked on trying to finish projects + 2 trips to Home Depot and WE STILL forgot something. Oye! 

One win: Luis put together a fire pit in the back yard, I'm still not sold since I'm still in love with our free find. But then I ate a smore and had a glass of wine and was over it.

Another win, I did find this beaut at Good Will: 

From my previous post, I was on the hunt for a new mailbox. I had no idea I'd find this gem for $5!
I'm thinking this will be a fun project to sand down and paint once we settle on a door color.  Oh and of course, one photo of our mailbox with my sneaky photo bomber model :)

Casualties of the weekend were, unfortunately: Luci's knee. :( Super sad face! She took a spill after playing in the pool ALL afternoon (no nap time?!). I blame full exhaustion but that kiddo doesn't know when to stop! She loooves the water. 

After her tumble (pain + full day of activity will wear a lil 2.5 year old right out) she slept for 12 HOURS. Seriously. 12. We didn't know what to do with ourselves. We almost went to bed early thinking she'd be ready to play at 2 am. But she just ZZZZ'd right on through to 6:30 AM. She woke up happy (see proof in picture below) and ready for the day- as long as the colored band aids were in stock...

Can't wait to show some picture of our fun weekend doings later on this week :) Stay tuned!

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