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July 30, 2013

Weekend Update: Family Edition

Surprisingly, Luci and I ended up going to Michigan. My grandparents 65th wedding anniversary was being celebrated along with a family reunion and well I can't miss out on that!

It ended up working out that we got to ride with my cousin and Aunt. We had a wonderful time! Lots of eats, lots of laughter, lots of stories, it was fantastic. Leaving the state wasn't quite in my plan since we do have a lot of work to do on the house. 

Luis had to stay back so he ended up starting/wrapping up a few of our projects.
Good bye Gold!
One of the best things we've done recently is change our locks. You should know that this is like thee first thing you should do when you buy a house. We are obviously behind the ball on that one.

This lead to a pretty -now humorous- awkward moment last week when Luis (keeper of the 1 key we have to our house) found out he had to be at work much later than normal. I obviously needed to get into the house. I'm informed by the love of my life, that he has left 1 of the windows open in our house. This one chosen window was of course fairly high up off the ground.

If you could picture a hot mess me, in a dress, jumping...awkwardly... into a window, to have the screen shut down on my legs. I was stuck. I definitely ended up just falling into a heap on the floor. My legs mostly my pride are still a bit bruised.

ALL of that to lead up to us getting new pretty door knobs! 
So here they are in all their beauty...
I am obsessed with ORB (oil rubbed bronze). While they aren't perfect for the colors we are rocking for the exterior of our house (silver would have been ideal), they aren't out of place. And the plans I have for the outside of this house will compliment these perfectly. Big picture!

Here's hoping the rest of my little projects get wrapped up for next weekend's festivities!

More details to come :) Happy Tuesday y'all!

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