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July 18, 2013

The Latest... in Blue

When we started thinking about adding some flavor to our backyard, it wasn't very realistic to do a full patio and stay within our budget this year. Luis's brother donated these 10 chairs, as he is upgrading his patio to us:

After 1 round of power washing, they lost some of their original shine. A less smooth, more rough surface is PRIME for painting! One trip to Home Depot to pick up a can of Rustoleum in navy blue and I went to town.


Disregard the nice little white spot on the blue- I did this quickly and the grass wanted a pretty new layer of blue. That section of grass is now the talk of the yard... so fashion forward.

Speaking of fashion forward: statement of the year is the spray painted foot look...right? (this happened 2 days ago (two showers + one afternoon at a pool) and you can still see the blue):
You know you are a DIY'er when your feet look like this

I'm hoping to update the rest over time. Our goal is to pick up 1 can of spray paint every trip to Home Depot, so we should be done with these by tomorrow? we need to make a list :/

With 1 can = 1.5 chairs, 2 if it's not windy. This whole project will be a total of 3-4 cans and around $15-$20 for some fire pit chairs. Not to shabby!

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