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July 10, 2013

Our Ding Dong Door

So we need some door updating. While this might not be changed for a while, I wanted to start getting the basic ideas down.

Here is our current front door:

I've been searching for something new and oil rubbed bronze-ish.
Love this door bell...

Love this door knocker to match...
Maybe this for the handle/lock:

And of course there is our wall mounted mail box. Currently a little outdated and has the name of 2 owners ago on it... 

I'm thinking we can update to one of these pretty things..

Option 1:
 Option 2:
 Option 3:

Which Mailbox do you prefer??

Here's hoping to new hardware soon :)


  1. I personally do not appreciate the taller mailboxes, I constantly feel uncertain if I got all the mail out of the box or not. I love option #2

    1. Thanks for your vote! So far #2 is winning hands down :)