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July 2, 2013

New things!

Our dishwasher bit the dust after 1 wash. Amazing right? Surprisingly so did our oven. Thankfully the oven is gas, so we still have burners- just no baking... or pizza... I don't know how I have survived this long.

But on to the real drama: no working dishwasher, which meant for my slightly OCD side: that dishwasher became ME. And this Mama has way too much on her plate to be washing every dish. Don't get me wrong- I have no problems if the dishwasher is full and a sink needs to get cleared out or even if I'm working to save some electricity. No problem!

Buh bye!

But it's an entirely different thing when it's every day, every meal or even snack. You begin judging your family on how many dishes they can dirty. I think you know who the #1 contender was not the little one. No one wants that!

So we broke down and went dishwasher shopping. After much searching online (Craigslist seemed like we might pay in cash $200-$400 and get the same 1 time use dishwasher) and price checking we settled on Sears. I can't state this enough: we had a fantastic experience. And by we, I mean: me and Luci because Luis was working on the house. The customer service was through the roof- especially with my rambunctious toddler playing everywhere. We found a dishwasher on clearance, in stainless steel, for $300. Dunzo.

Then came the rest of it. $300 yes, but then there's 11% tax, gross. Plus the 2 year protection program for $80 ("because it practically pays for itself, ya know?"). Plus a $150 delivery fee (yowza) and that didn't even include taking away the old one- just disconnecting. My final bill was almost twice the original amount. Ouch.

I came home feeling a lil had. Then Luis looked at and of course there was a sale going on- of course! The one site I didn't comb. And of course the dishwasher that matched our fridge was less than $100 difference and the delivery fee PLUS removal of the old dishwasher was only $20. Sorry Sears- but in less than 1 day of buying, we canceled the Sears dishwasher and went with Best Buy.

So now we have this BEAUT in our kitchen! So shiny!

Once our credit card can cool off from all it's use with all the new house projects we've done, we'll work on upgrading that sad looking oven. You know there will be a blog or two about it :)

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