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July 26, 2013

Friday Raaaandoms: Dumpster Diving Edition!

This week..

We rocked adding some pictures to our walls this week.
And here they are...

This mirror started out like this:

Oh did I mention I found this in a DUMPSTER!?
Seriously, I thought my dumpster diving days were over after college. I was wrong!

I found this HEAVY puppy all set up to be PITCHED when we were living in our 2 bedroom apt. I haaaauled it up 2 flights of stairs, it then traveled to a storage unit for 2 months then finally onto my table...dexter anyone? into my garage where I could get it all purty.

With some sanding and staining love we found a lil spot in our bedroom for it.
Final result:

I finally finished the Home Improvement workout and started actually really working out. After 2.5 miles from my 2 week hiatus, I feel like a new woman. Here is hoping I get to keep this steam going.

Until then... I need a donut. Stat! :)

Happy weekend'ing peeps!

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