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July 24, 2013

Counter Painting Happy

So I may or may not have gotten a little obsessed - blame it on the fumes - from our kitchen counter top transformation.

It was so easy to do the first time so I just kept going! I've been secretly hating our Master Bath's sink since the day we moved in. Because we are completely redoing this entire space (big plan involves knocking down walls) I haven't been able to justify buying a new vanity. TRUST me I've scanned every outlet and clearance rack available.

But with all the paint left over from our kitchen counter tops, it would be an easy and quick way to redo this sink until our big rennovation happens.



This time around the fumes were manageable because I could literally turn the fan on + shut the door. Just in case I even shut the door to our bedroom after opening both windows up. After a few hours I couldn't even tell I had painted. Much nicer than our kitchen's experience.

There is a lot more kitchen counter to tackle, but as I love a functional kitchen, we'll be doing it in stages. I'm thinking maybe painting it early on a Friday or Saturday where no one will be home for 1/2 or more of the day. Silly fumes.

Not too shabby for a 10 minute job!


  1. Wow! This looks amazing! I had no idea this was possible

    1. Get on it CUZ :) When you are as frequent of a shopper at Home Depot, you learn these things. I wish they had a buy 5 cans of paint get one free punch card :/