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July 23, 2013

Blue Be Gone!

Not to be confused with GOO be gone...which I use by the gallon.

Last weekend we picked up a can of Rustoleum's counter paint (not a sponsored ad..not even a coupon!). When buying our house we obtained these lovely BLUE counters that literally make me cringe every time I see them...

I love product placement... Blame it on the day job.
Not that there's anything WRONG with blue... just not our thing. I leaped at the chance to try something new. We had our paint tinted to "pewter" for a nice dark grey. Note my really classy fan placement ...

A few things to note:
- This stuff is stinky. Like.. STANKY stinky. It's down right potent. We had every fan in the house going plus the windows open and we still were pretty annoyed by the smell.

- It takes 3 days to dry. THREE DAYS!?! I'm impatient... the most I like to wait is about 30 seconds but I can give a project up to 6 hours to dry. But 6 is really my max. The three day rule about drove me insane. But, it does dry within an hour. Just don't put anything on the counter for 3 days. So at least I was only in fear of any random fuzzy in the air landing on the counter for an hour instead of 3.full.days.

- No primer! Thank you Jesus. I'm so sick of primer as we have literally repainted almost every inch of this house.

- We squinted for 15 minutes trying to see any spots we might have missed when the paint was still fresh. I did another scan that night and found at least 3 areas that are not as well covered as it should be- so touch ups will be necessary, but I don't think I'll have to add another coat.

- A little goes a LONG way. This entire counter was painted and I might have used 1/10th of the can.

- The finish is a little strange- I think I would have liked something textured. But anything beats blue and that was the goal of this project.

We definitely can't wait to paint the cabinets and walls + give the cabinets some new hardware. But that project is down the road.

Overall, super happy with the results. So happy... I kept going- details tomorrow!


  1. Hello there fellow former-blue-counter-tops-in-a-new-houser! We totally had blue as well ( the heck was that fashion trend?? We tore them out immediately. I'm excited for your upgrade!! Good job!

    1. Hey stranger! Ugh seriously!? We had some really awesome blue wallpaper to go with. Hoping our BLUE days are over!!