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June 10, 2013

Weekend Update!

Happy Monday Everyone!
This weekend was all about Luci and me! With Luis helping out at our church all day Saturday and Sunday morning, we had a lot of quality time and of course some melt downs along the way too. But on to our adventures...

Knowing Saturday and Sunday I would be highly distracted by a curious toddler, I tried to do as much as I could...
- Finished painting the dresser + the book shelf...

- Finished priming the main bathroom
- As the previously purchased couch didn't fit into our house, it was returned and I beelined it back to Steinhafels to purchase a couch that could fit. Can we say power? Because I know I can! Found this beauty- not just in the clearance but the As Is section, it's the jackpot of jackpots! This beaut should be delivered next Friday, of course pending on if it fits - cross your fingers!:

- Enjoyed a much needed trip to Hobby Lobby for fabric and of course to do some intense clearance section searching
- Yay for available upgrades, purchased an iphone 5. Which means: more photos for you!

- Finished the dresser: pics to come!
- Moved in Luci's dresser and cleared out a few boxes of clothes and books
- 1 trip the Restore, 1 trip to GW (poppin tags!) and 1 small grocery trip

One fantastic find from Goodwill was 2 fun lanterns that now reside in our Master bedroom for only $6 each, they work for me:

So many fun DIY tutorials comin you way this week! Get pumped!

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