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June 18, 2013

Weekend Update: Delays & Fails

Sorry for the delay I was enjoying some super sickness yesterday. I think something Luci shared... so nice of her!

So on to our weekend...
We got our couch. Hooray! It fit! I really didn't think it would but I am proudly writing from my comfy comfy couch. ALL last week we were pushing hard to finish our walls in the living room. Almost all of the sanding is done- just 3 little spots left. Last Thursday I primed, and Friday I painted. Here is a big honkin fail #1 of the week...

Our paint was one of my first purchases for this house. Not only was an "Oops" paint but also an oops cashier who accidentally rang it up for only $1. Thankfully because not only did I spill (fail number uno) 1/4th of it on our sidewalk, but we quickly came to realize it was the wrong gloss. Had you asked me before Friday if gloss made any difference I would have said No way Jose! Wowza was I wrong and here is a fail #2 or as I'm hoping a "lesson learned"...

If you are DIY'ing your own drywall, go Eggshell if not FLAT. It covers a multitude of errors. Since our living room has a lot of natural light- everything was showing up against the shiny walls. So we cut our losses at: $1 for our trial run. It left for a good first coat and solidified that I looved the color. So yet another run to Menards and the Eggshell coat was up and purty by Sunday.

Throughout the week we've started a lot of other small projects. Luis is almost done with the flooring in the hallway (yay!) and I'm hoping to finish painting the trim in the living room from oak to white soon. Luis also secured our big screen tv to it's stand- so no more needing to watch Dora in our bedroom. Yay! TV freedom!

Not too bad for having a zero nap baby on Saturday (!?) and feeling lathargic on Sunday from an oncoming cold.

We did also get some relaxing in especially for Father's Day. We got to grill out twice and even busted out the sprinkler so Luci could get some muchly needed energy out.

Here's hoping our living room is completed in the next 2 weeks. Love those lofty goals!

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