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June 3, 2013

Weeeekend Update!

Happy Monday everyone!

Okay let's get right to it...

- Primed both bathrooms! #exhausted I still am not sure what color I want our master bathroom but... white is better than the weird pink stuff we have now.
- Started sanding Luci's dresser. Key word: started. This lil work in progress has been 3 nights now of sanding then walking away...then sanding then walking away. Hoping to get some paint on that pretty lil thang before next week.
- Bought a couch! FINALLY finally finally bought a couch. This has been MONTHS in the making. We've been to Ashley furniture so many times the sales reps don't even get up to greet us anymore- seriously. So we said let's try something new and went to Steinhafels. So fun to say, even better was our experience. Fantastic staff. Free beverages AND cookies!? It's the little things really.
They had a MASSIVE kids playhouse- like bigger than McD's + they had video games too, I mean I wanted to go in there. The ONE time we don't bring our overly active toddler... So after scanning all of their items- and they have a LOT - we found the couch of our dreams in our price range. Heyo! So that pretty lil thang is being delivered on Friday. YAY!
I know this is going to sound like I am now a sales rep- but their 5 year warranty program is amazing! Under $100 + if we don't use it, they give it back to us. Who does that?? Get us the Steinhafels T-shirts because we are big fans.

- Talked to some official painters and was informed we did some of our drywall super wrong. Yikes! Fortunately, I think we have some solves to make it work. Hopefully!
- Went on our semi annual date. We really don't get out much :/ #lamesauce Fondue + Movie night sans a kiddo was just what we needed. So needed!

- Fixed some of our drywall and did a lot of resting, laundry, grocery shopping- you know the glamorous things. With this whole "living within a project" has been a big change. Luci started sneezing - a lot- so I did a big sweep through of her room and cleaned off all of her window sills. Hoping this is just a small bug and that she's better in no time.

What'd you do? Anything fun??

AS SOON as I can get my camera to allow me to disperse images I'll be sending you Luci's bedroom! It's 90% done :) Yay for almost finished projects!

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