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June 25, 2013

Our Neeeeeew Laundry Room!

WOW What a weekend. I'm still tired from all we did!

But on to our purty new laundry room!

Here is our hideous before complete with laundry basket without our spaceship washer/dryer...

The spaceship set chilling in our driveway...

 Our flooring DURING - complete with Luci's baby stroller

And our AFTER...

 Lucia approved!

 Using our previously purchased set would mean we had to  position the dryer in front of our side door and pin a roll of masking tape between the door and the sink. 
Awkward much? 
So we changed to stackables. Switching the sets meant: returned washer/dryer had to be removed, had to remove all shelving, add hardwood flooring to go underneath.

In other news..
- I realized I hadn't gotten my hair cut in an embarrassing long time and went to rectify that. You know it's been too long when your hair dresser asks if you mind her taking before & after pictures. Oye :/ It was definitely time for something SHORT...

Lucia and I took a trip to Best Buy, then Sears, then back to Best Buy then back to Sears. In the end- we found a matching dishwasher to our fridge within our budget (win!). Our dishwasher quit after 1 use :( We were going to have it repaired when the entire front door casing decided to detach itself from the control panel. It no longer looked safe to use so we decided to purchase.
- I finished painting the bathroom- FINALLY! That silly little task has been on my list of things to do since day 1 of moving in. So glad to finally get our nice green on those walls. That was actually another oops paint that worked out well.

Here is the color if you can disregard the really pretty Frog tape..

- Luis installed a water line to our fridge so we are enjoying filtered water and ice! This might sound like a small task but when all your appliances are against you (you know of our washer/dryer and dishwasher woes- the oven on our stove equally is giving us grief)- it is wonderful to have 1 fully working and dependable. 

- Luci decided to have another "no nap" Saturday so she was a bit of a hot mess on our 2nd trip to Best Buy. Fortunately this directly lead to an early bed time and letting her parents watch the Hawks game with some peace and quiet :)

- We experienced our first 90 degree day. Since we don't have air conditioning we lasted about a half day before we dragged our sweaty tookis's to Walmart to buy a unit.

We have had a big lofty goal of having all our flooring done in our house by the time we leave for vacation (1st weekend in July). When we set that goal I thought there was no way we would get close to it. Boy was I wrong! Luis has been a rockstar and now the only bare rooms are the kitchen + front room and 3rd bedroom! Of those 3 rooms we only really see the kitchen, so for us this has been so nice!

Not too shabby for 1 weekend. Hoping to really tire ourselves out so we can really enjoy our future vacation!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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