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June 5, 2013

One Room: Complete!

In all of our crazy remodeling- we have 1 room successfully done! Well, maybe more like... 95% done- there's always room for improvement right? Please excuse the dark pictures- I'll be busting out the DSLR SOON!

Luci's bedroom is all set up. Bring on the jungle theme! There are several things we are hoping to do - but it's mostly adding more to those bare walls.

Her room is also missing her dresser- one more coat of paint to go. Once the dresser is done- those boxes in her closet should disappear!

The latest addition is the rug! I found that puppy on sale at Ashley furniture for $30. Not too bad for a quality big rug.

More long term ideas- maybe getting one of those cool palm leaf looking fans in there and a big stuffed giraffe or elephant. You know I love a good theme! And of course- adding her new bookshelf.

More pictures of more rooms to come! Once I can clean them first :)

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