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June 6, 2013

M-F Vegetarian Update

A few weeks ago I publically announced to you that the Gorbena familly were going to try to eat more healthy by making vegetarian meals Monday-Friday for dinners. At that time, we were still living at Luis's brother's house and commuting was a beast. While I did a few veggie recipes for Luci and I, it was far from where I wanted us to be. But when you feel like a nomad, I was happy to stay sane. #veggiefail

Fortunately, since we've been living in our house, we've really enjoyed actually sitting down and having a family meal together. What a crazy concept- all 2.5 of us sitting at 1 table and not inhaling food?

On Sunday we tried Portabella Mushroom "burgers" with goat cheese on pretzel buns. This was by far the best received veggie meal so far. But let's be honest, smother a pretzel bun with goat cheese and you'd be hard pressed to get us to say no.

LOL- but seriously it's not that bad!
 Last night we had Roasted Poblano + Corn Salad, this one didn't go over so well. Luci definitely inhaled her garlic bread and then later asked for a snack.

I've learned a few big things about myself during all of this...

- While I'm never full at the end of a meal, I know the full I used to be with meat was too full. And it's not like I'm wasting away here. There has been no hunger pains waking me up. I'm definitely ready for some cereal in the AM, but nothing crazy. So I realize I should have been eatting less from the start.

- My body definitely misses/craves protein. Usually a few spoonfuls of peanut butter does the trick. I mean, it's just dinner and it's only Monday- Friday but your body definitely knows when somethings different.

- My lazy/crazy days= scrambled eggs or sauteed frozen stir fry veggies in a tortilla. Talk about easy and cheap!

- If you ever want to kill your grocery bill even MORE- become vegetarian! Not to mention your fridge will be packed with healthy things! I think my bill is down to about $70/wk... which of course means: more $$ for wine! Yay!

Last Sunday, I found where the tofu section of my grocery store is. This.was.huge. I may or may not have done a small victory dance in the aisle. Now if I could only locate the tempeh...heck I can barely spell it. This should be interesting...

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