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June 7, 2013

Lookit What We Found!

So Wednesday, after work, I'm just bringin my kiddo home from daycare, like I do most days, when I see something on the curb of our normal commute. And in a nice neighborhood- this is key. Nice neighborhoods = nice things.

At first I'm thinking... coffee table.  No way I need a coffee table- I currently have 2. Both needing some serious DIY lovin. And let's be honest, like I need ANOTHER project? I have a house full of unfinished projects.

Until I realized... it was a FIRE PIT

I literally- out loud- said "A fire pit!!" but in a whispery yelling voice, not creepy whatsoever. Luci then became very distressed thinking something was on fire. I couldn't even tell her differently because I was already on the phone with the husband. After some describing and mostly begging, I convinced him to unload the Prius and beeline to pick up that little gem!

Super skeptical doesn't begin to describe Luis's overall demeanor when we were both staring at it, sitting in the back of his car. It wasn't until he saw the tiles start peeling right off and then got that same gleam in his eye when he realized: we could use our Restore tiles on it. Yay partner in crime!

Here it is in all of its DIY potential glory:

I can't describe to you how giddy I was. The top tiles almost all just fell right off like you can see here...

A few needed a little work but then came the 1 inch of morter. It being 8 pm and us actually liking our neighbors, we were careful to remove the middle pan to reduce the loud gong banging sounds. #weloveyouneighbors 

In the end we are left with this...

We are hoping to add new tile to the perimeter and of course remove the rusting paint job from the sides like you see here...

I can't wait to show you the end result! Now if only it could stop raining so we can get some painting jobs out of the way.

We just received free lawn chairs from a relative who was upgrading- heyo!
So ...
Bring On The Smores!

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