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June 28, 2013

From Dust to Damage Control...

If you live in the Chicagoland area you know what happened on Wednesday morning. You were there. You experienced the borderline hurricane.

I personally think it might have been the Stanley Cup rain dance that actually turned into a rain dance and then just turned into rain. And a lot of it especially according to Nbc5's weather site...

But let's back up to Tuesday. We have a hump problem. It's serious too :) I'm talking about FLOORING what are YOU thinking?

There is a space between our kitchen and family room that had a rather large hump in the cement floor. We think it was something to do with the water line when the house was originally laid? Regardless- this is no bueno when we are working to lay hardwood floors.

Through Luis's dad, we found out you can sand cement. So sanding Luis did. However sanding of this proportion = dust. And not just a little dust. We are talking full fledged dust...

Well this USED to be my kitchen... somewhere
After 1 full day of mopping, re mopping, swiffering and re swiffering, then wiping down every visible space-twice, we had a good handle on the dust.

Then the big bad storm came!? Fortunately, around 4 am, our side door was pulled open by the crazy wind.
This sounds weird right? Why would this be a good thing?
This helped us realize water was coming in to our bedroom up through the floors (yay no roof damage!) and helped us wake up to figure out solutions.

Our power actually went off for about an hour but kicked back on just about the time we had to start getting ready for work. We were definitely counting our blessings.

Amazingly- Luci didn't wake up at all. I literally experienced rib shaking thunder and strobe lightning and my kiddo was sawing logs. Thank heavens because we used our time to figure out what to do.

First things first: try to soak up as much as we can. Our bed was pushed to the other side of the room, we moved the dresser away from the puddles as well, fan turned on high and down went every towel we had access to.

We waited until 6 am (7 AM their time) to call my parents to see if they had any tricks. No such luck for tricks- but with any call to my parents, it did a number on calming my nerves. This too shall pass.

We were very fortunately and so far - no major damage can be found. We are still waiting to see if the wood warps in the areas where water came in. Luis even cut into the drywall to ensure nothing was still wet which could later lead to rot and a much more expensive problem. Sans a hole in the wall, we are fine! And now working to ensure all future "storm of the century" can come and go without any issues from us.
Floor is just dusty... bring on the Swifer!

So here is hoping that this big crazy week is happening now so next week we can take a relaxing and calm vacation! :)

Hope everyone dried out by now- have a great weekend!

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