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June 14, 2013

Friday Randoms

WE MADE IT! Can you believe it? It's Friday! Great job everyone. Really, just a top notch dedication to getting to the weekend from all of you. So let's get it..

- When we bought our house, we were thinking the 3rd bedroom could be a future new nursery or a guest bedroom. We didn't think we'd have a new resident in our home so soon. The big storms that came through Chicagoland on Wednesday night stirred up a mouse to come on in. There was a lot of quiet screaming involved from both Luis and I. The traps have been set...sorry little mouse but you are not invited to this party.

- We've been slowly trying to finish our living room. One big issue after another has arisen. I primed the walls last night, today I will be going back over the walls to spackle any problem areas and hopefully will be adding a lovely beige by this afternoon.

- New couch is being delivered today. Everyone cross your fingers that it fits!

- Going with our general theme of everything going very wrong, we had to return our spaceship looking washer/dryer. We found a new set for the same price and they are stackable! While the space factor has been eliminated, I think we'll be enjoying the better use of our space. Pics to come!

- This week I bought a wicker End table. It needs a lot of TLC so if anyone knows how to: clean wicker, paint wicker, or fix broken wicker? Please let me know!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Not sure how to clean or fix wicker but the best way to paint is with a sprayer. I suppose you can use spray paint but, definitely need to spray.

    1. GOOD- that's what I was hoping for! Bring on the spray!