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June 12, 2013

Clearance Find Color Switch Up

In my glorious solo (shopping sans toddler) Hobby Lobby shopping experience last Friday, I found 2 cute matching coat hooks in the clearance section. I'm a sucker for chevron but orange wasn't going with Luci's bedroom theme. I mean, it could have... I just wanted something a little less intense than this:

One small bottle of acrylic dark pink paint (disregard the awesome snap shot of my horrible blue kitchen counters, ripe banana photo bomb, horrificly out dated cabinets and the reminder I have no kitchen floor + tinfoil) and we were here:

Not to bad huh?

I mean it's only a light coat of paint but for a total cost of: $6ish*? Not too bad to get what I was hoping for!

*$2.38 x2 for the clearance coat hooks 
$1.09 for the paint
= $5.85

Not in use:

In use:

So lesson learned: next time you are searching a clearance section don't pass up on a deal just because of crazy color. 

Happy DIY'ing friends! 

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