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May 20, 2013

Weekend Update!

Can I remember what we did this weekend? I think this is exhaustion at a new level :/

- Primed + Painted our master bedroom: the color is gorgeous! #sohappy
- Dana came over to see my house! It was wonderful showing her the train wreck but then telling her all the possibilities... you know after we get floors. Haha... silly floors :)

- Went to Sears to hear one uberly over informed rep tell us all about lawn mowers. This.was.exhausting and I really just wanted a nap at this point. Luis was ELATED and listened to this man's ever word. He even had follow up questions. Good thing one of us is interested in lawn care or we'd be living in a jungle. Go Luis!
- Went to Lowe's to find out they had no trucks...booo
- Went to Menards and rented a truck ...yay! Bought drywall + all the side dishes it comes with. Extra gravy. Drove Menards truck with drywall to house.
- Unpacked drywall + found it was a 1/2 inch too tall. Luis is a GENIUS and was able to cut it and put up 3 large pieces (yay!)
- Listened to a contractor tell me it would be $2500 for him to put in the majority of the floors of house.
- Cried... Took a walk... Refocused
- Finished the paint in the master bedroom and called it a day

- Bought a lawn mower
- Spackled the drywall that was up
- Luis mowed our crazy overgrown lawn
- Went shopping like nobody's business*

*Somethings I've come to realize about temporary living:
- You forget simple things like shopping
- Or working out
- Or cooking a real meal versus throwing something together because you are almost always commuting.
All of this of course equallying: I want to live in my house!

Oh so you might be curious about the $2500 estimate? Basically, our floors are uneven. Without an even surface, we can't lay hardwood down. Luis has a plan. So I am sticking to what I know: painting. Can't wait to get the pretty beige up in the family room.

How was your weekend? Any crying or was that just me?

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