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May 13, 2013

Weekend Update!

WHEW we were busy busy busy little bees this weekend. Here's a run down...

Friday- Paint, Paint & Paint: the front room + hallway

- Clean out & fully organize the garage (yay!)
- Luis removed all the rest of the paneling (double yay!) from the family room
- We purchased appliances (what!?)
- Finished painting the front room + hallway + most of Luci's room
- Found the long lost dust pan and removed all the little piles of dirt we've been sweeping up..and kicking/running into...and resweeping. This might not seem like a big win. But after a long day, when your back is killing you and you are fully exhausted- it is so nice to look around and see a somewhat clean floor and realize you can see what you have accomplished!

- Celebrate Mom's Day!
- 1 trip to Home Depot

No question we are seeing some big changes to the house- in the best way! I can't believe it's really coming together.

Our goals this week:
- Remove the glue/mud/cement/weird paste that is on the dry walls in the family room
- FLOORING: get that done
- And finish painting the family room
- add some/any paint to the kitchen

BIG Goals for this week because we have to want to be moving in our stuff on Memorial Day weekend. Check your calendars folks- because that's only 1 weekend away!

Here are some fun pictures from the weekend- more posts on our new fancy gorgeous appliances + 1 fun DIY project...

Our work in progress front room: painted!

Cute messages to my hubbie
showing him the new paint color

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