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May 6, 2013


I have so much to tell you all! Where to start? Let's just go with a brief timeline of this weekend...

Friday: DEMO DAY
Friday was MANUAL, full throttle, all muscles I didn't know I had, type of labor. With as gross as this house was- to say it needed cleaning is an understatement. After googling and talking to several Menards + Home Depot workers, we purchased TSP- a chemical for heavy duty cleaning- and washed the walls in the front room, they were THAT bad. Luis fixed the main toilet- yay! All the carpet + tiles were removed from the front room, hallway and Luci's bedroom. I also took down 1/2 of the wallpaper in the kitchen.

Saturday: Let the Paint Begin!
Now with sore muscles, we finished clearing away what we could of the tiles and washed the walls one more time with TSP. We primed the front room, Luci's bedroom and 1/2 the hallway and the rest of that HIDEOUS wallpaper in the kitchen came down!

Sunday: A lil of this and that
Now with sore muscles on top of sore muscles- we finished priming the front room + Luci's room + the hallway and cleeeeaned up.

The crazy thing about this house- other than the super super unclean living - is the amount of items they left. We had 2 couches, 2 tv's/monitors, 2 crib mattresses, 1 crib, 1 dresser, a set of end tables, a different set of matching coffee table + end table, 1 king size oak bed frame, 1 desk w/ 2 rolly chairs, 1 large entertainment center, and BAGS of random items in their kitchen. Needlesstosay, I'm surprised the Goodwill we've brought whatever would fit in our cars to doesn't know me by crazy hair lady name.

What was in our garage is now gone!
I put most of the items on craigslist for FREE and almost ALL of it has been hauled away. We are still hoping the entertainment center + desk are spoken for by the weekend.

So while we are tired- so very very tired- we are overjoyed to be seeing a BIG BIG difference in our house already! Thank you, Lord for primer!

BIGGEST FAQ I get: when are we moving in?
Answer: Still no idea. We are both HOPING by the end of May. But it really depends on what we can do in the next 2 weeks for flooring + painting.

Pictures to come- as soon as I can raise my wallpaper removing arm to take them :)

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