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May 16, 2013

The Horrible World of Flooring

So it wasn't until yesterday when I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs did I realize I haven't even told all of you about the absolute hell we've gone through with our floors.

Silly me. Blame it on the a a a alcohol?  pregnancy brain? Sans being preggo my absolute denial that the floors exist.

Stage one: Yucky Carpet
We knew there was carpet everywhere, and we also knew there was no pretty hardwood to buff and stain down. Also, with carpet came the smell. The previous owners had dogs and... weren't clean. We'll leave it at that.
So up came the carpet.

Stage Two: Asbestos Tile
This house was built in the 50's so we are pretty sure those tiles had some form of asbestos in them. Here's the deal with asbestos: super unhealthy. If you want tile removed properly- you need hazmat suits (the whole 9 yards and mucho $$$). The more we read on google- if you have a well ventilated area, and you can remove it quickly, do it!
Plus, as 60+ year old tiles will do, most were already cracked, so to lacquer down what was there, seemed odd and unsafe. 1 cracked tile could be leaking asbestos in the air. Why cover up a poison instead of get rid of it?
So up came the tile from the front room, hallway and Luci's bedroom.

Stage Three: Crazy Nails Tack Strips
These ugly little jobbers were EVERYWHERE. And they were cemented into the floor. FYI: you should never ever cement something to the floor. Ever! It's just mean. God forbid you change your mind or your future home owners want to make their own decisions. Oi! Okay rant over...
Not only were these buggers cemented in, they were nailed down to the floor. As in .. 3 large nails per 1-1.5 inches. It was like all of their anger went into these nails. Who needs that many nails?
It was at this point we decided this was a job for anyone other than us. We paid 2 guys $400 cash money to take those bad boys up. And boy was that the best $400 we've spent on this house, this far. They also removed the rest of the tile from all of the house. We came home to a nice clean floor until we discovered...

Stage Four: Unlevel Cement
Our craaazy floors
While our house sits on a cement slab, from the previous owners adding cement to the floor boards, we were up to our eye balls in uneven/unlevel playing fields. Since we are adding hardwood floors, this can cause those hardwood floors to crack or break. By this time - words can not describe how absolutely exhausted we are when we even hear the word: flooring. So we've added some wood to the areas that are too low and lacquered all uneven areas as well as we can. We're now starting to covered the floors with underlayment, and are ready to start flooooooring! Maybe?

With all of this, I've learned to never think the job will ever be over. EVER. Until I'm barefooted walking on gorgeous hardwood in my house, even then I might think the evil floors of this house are going to make their revenge somehow.

How about you? Any crazy insane floor stories? There has to be more than just me out there... right?

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