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May 7, 2013

The Day the Krispy Kreme Man Came To My House...

Why would a Krispy Kreme man come to my house?

Well when we put on Craigslist that we had MANY large items for FREE- we had several individuals reach out to us. Throughout Saturday, we had people stopping by to take a look. A few items at a time would go. In all of our wheeling and dealing ... for free... we met the Krispy Kreme man!

He's not really THEE Krispy Kreme man... but he was the manager of a local Krispy Kreme- so we'll stick with the nickname.

He was originally interested in our couch but after seeing the condition, only walked away with a desk chair. UNTIL he walked passed our fireplace stove - a lot like this one but ours has a vent...

While we think the piece is beautiful, it's not very practical for any kiddo to be around. Our goal was to get rid of it by the end of the summer. Fortunately, the Krispy Kreme man was LOOKING to buy it in the next two months! Heyo!

The best moment of the day was when he handed over 2 donuts for the desk chair. He also let me know he would pay full price for the fireplace + 4 dozen donuts! I mean... money is one thing. But DONUTS!? You can't say no!


If all goes well- we'll have that fireplace outta there in no time with a few inches added to our waist line to boot. I think God works in mysterious ways... and sometimes God always works with donuts. 

And let's be honest- those moments are really my favorite :)

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