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May 1, 2013

New Title: Home OWNER!

By the Grace of God- we are home owners!

Can you believe it!?

Took 4 hours- yes FOUR hours of signing and a whole heap of waiting but we got our house. 

Here is something I learned about house closings:
- Bring snacks
- Bring liquids
- If you forget both snacks and liquids bring change, there has to be a vending machine somewhere
- Be comfortable: where comfy clothes because it's going to be the long haul
- Bring entertainment: magazines, extra cell phone battery, books- whatever you can to stay sane

We had: zero snacks, zero water/pop/hydration, 70 cents of change in my purse (vending machine only offerings for 75 c.) and no magazines. 4 HOURS!? Crazy. Somehow we made it and BEElined to McD's.

But we made it! And now let the DIY'ing begin! In the 30 minutes I was in my new house, I filled 6 trash bags of trash. Fixer upper we now own :)

Some silly photos infront of our lovely new home...

Don't worry- this was posed :)


  1. Ha! I love it. Man, 4 hours. Our closing was maybe an hour...that's crazy. I'm really excited to see the inside photos and all the progress you're going to make to make the house your home. Augh! I'm so excited for youz guys!!

    1. THANKS! We're kind of crazy excited too :)

  2. more thing. Do not feel like you're putting too many photos of your house progress on Facebook or your blog. It's your home, be proud of it and post as many photos as you I like to snoop into your house somehow from a far :D

    1. Oh don't you worry- MANY pictures to come! :)

  3. AWESOME!!! Take lots of pictures before you do anything to it!!! I wish I would have documented more of how things used to be.

    1. We took pictures, it's just accumulating them all to the same place. I think 1/2 are on a camera and 1/2 are on a phone :)