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May 21, 2013

New Closet Additions...

One thing I hate about being a nomad is it was impossible to predict the Illinois weather especially 2 months ahead.

When we started packing to move out of our apartment there was snow on the ground. Seriously- like a big winter snow storm in March. So most of the clothing we didn't store was warmer or at least layers.

While it has been getting warmer every day... I thought we could still hold out a few weeks. This idea was a major fail because on Sunday it hit 90 degrees. I was in jeans and a long shirt... and so was Luci. Feeling like the Bad Mom of the Year award was about to be in my inbox... we beelined to Ross's.

Tight budget = Ross's! I'm not a huge fan of this place- for one the carts are just weird. Why do they need that massive pole attached to it?

Do they think I'm going to steal their cart? I promise I'm not. I'd go for Target if I was ever in the market.. I mean being so durable and all. Although it did keep Luci occupied for an extra 30 seconds.

So in our searching we found a few gems: a pound of Starbucks coffee for $5.99 (odd to buy coffee at this place but it's sealed + timing is everything), 1 pair of Dora the Explorer sandals for $5 (win!) and some red capris for this mama for $11 on clearance. Now the quest for the red capris to look good and not 4th of July begins! Any ideas??

We also beelined over to Target and found this beauty on clearance (yay $11 again!?)

Super inspired by this blog.

So here is to making these 2 lil numbers work until I get my clothes back. Our items are being moved this weekend but no guarantee on us staying in the house just yet. But we are still hoping!!

Yay Summer is Here!

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