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May 14, 2013

New Appliances!

As we are still up to our eye balls in home rennovations ($$$) we only were we interested in purchasing items NEEDED when we wondered into a Best Buy this weekend. The house came with dirty walls and crazy paneling no washer and no refridgerator. While a dryer wasn't necessary we saved mucho moolah by purchasing both together.

We had previously purchased this little hot commodity a few months back- so my mind was hoping for all Samsung appliances, but I was okay with changing brands. Then my eyes feasted on this beauty:

I was head over heels. Absolutely in love from the moment I saw it. I literally couldn't stop smiling + hugging..yes hugging this refrigerator. #hellotherapybill

But I really didn't think it was in our budget. Until we found these bad boys:

Because this particular whirlpool washer/dryer has been discontinued, and this set had been returned, Best Buy was eager to get them gone. While normally these retail at around $1,800 each, we got both items as a set for: $1,100. Insane right?

That opened up our budget to get my wonder fridge and allowed us to get warranty's on all 3 items too. The fridge was also cheaper because of it being open box as well.

Here's the deal with Open Boxes:
Really press your Best Buy associate for details on why the item was returned. They know specifics. We found out our fridge was a store sample- so it hadn't been turned on or used at all. Our washer/dryer was too "high tec" and was returned after only being used once. So we knew that these were practically new. While Open Box items are a little higher risk- I would highly recommend getting the warranty just in case.

One thing is for sure: research. I am fairly certain I've looked at every ad in the past 3-4 months, every craigslist posting, and every online avenue for appliances. So I knew what I wanted, and knew these were all a super great deal.

Now we're pushing even harder to get our floors in so we can add those pretty appliances soon!

Any fun open box item stories out there??


  1. That's great. Out here we found a couple liquidation stores. We got our washer for $250 (retail $600). It's new, but was damaged in shipment. It's only some dents and marks, no internal damage, so it's a great deal for us. It's in a closet so it's not like I see it all the time either. Now we're on the look out for a dryer, but having not had one for over a month, I don't feel like I NEED it and want to spend even less.

    1. I figured that as well. I mean, we're inching into summer months- I was ready to hang a line and let the neighbors see my undies :) Fortunately, it all worked out. Have you checked out craigslist? I've seen some gems there too!