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May 22, 2013

Light it up!

 For one reason or another we have had a lot of luck in the department of finding really gorgeous lighting. Which has been a breath of fresh air seeing as we are not so lucky with our floors.

On one of our adventures, Luis and I found a beautiful stain glass pendant at the Restore last Friday. Amazingly enough- it was $10! Luis and I did a double take when we saw it. I love the modern twist on stain glass. Pictures to come!

I am obsessed with Habitat's Restore. I love getting a good deal and I love love a good cause- combining the two is absolute perfection. We are thinking this might be going up in our bedroom.

But wait- there's more! I was casually checking out the "sample store" where I work when I found this:

On sale for $20. I know you would be thinking- what's the problem? With all of our cash being eaten up by ugly... not fun things like: cement levers, and plywood and dunkin donuts for our snack breaks- I've been trying really hard to keep it to what we "need" not "want". This gorgeous pendant was definitely in the "want" category + it needed some work.

Because I wasn't fully committed, I walked away. After 1 phone call to Luis, I realized- it would bother me if I didn't get it. I turned around, realizing I was bat crazy if I didn't have this lighting in my casa, and went to purchase except: one pane of glass was cracked. They can't sell me anything broken. But the cashier was a gentleman and removed the glass (made me turn around and everything so I didn't get hurt by flying glass) so I could buy it... 1/2 off!

So we're at $10- I'm feeling great! Then I remember I have rewards points to the tune of $5. This bad boy is comin home with me for only $5 bucks! I was elated... I'm talking- can't get a smile off my face... lookin kind of silly- elated.
Inspired by this...


And this...

According to my psychic... or as I like to call it: pinterest- a large pendant was definitely in my future!
I mean if Young House Love can do it... it can't be that hard, right? #herewegoagain #leaveittotheprofessionals

Because it has 1 pane of glass removed, I have a few options.

I can either remove all of the glass, because this is going inside (no need to shield the weather from the lighting). Or I can go have a piece of glass cut to mirror the others.

As for lighting, I'm thinking we can add 4 battery operated candles.
Oh the possibilities!

Anything fun you've purchased lately at discount?

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