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May 28, 2013

Homeowner Update: MOVED IN!

How is it possible that we are LIVING in our actual house, 1 month after buying and GUTTING it? I am still in awe...exhausted awe- but awe nonetheless! So a recap..

- I had movers planned to move our storage unit into our garage. Movers didn't show up and then discontinued their number... So change of plans! I went to drywalling...cutting, measuring, and putting up drywall. We also went to purchase the plywood to help level our floors. We wanted to make sure all ducks were in a row so our helpers could get right to it.

- Our remodeling crew came! Remodeling crew = my parents, my sister, my cousin and my aunt came to help- yay!!
- Different-more reliable movers came and moved all our stuff- double yay!
- The men leveled the front room floor and (you guessed it!) put up more drywall
- All cabinets in the kitchen were lined + filled
- I was injury city: twisted my ankle after a fall (yes I'm totally aware this sounds like I'm 90 years old) and sliced my hand on a piece of glass- nothing 1 brightly colored band aid won't fix!
- Fridge + washer/dryer were delivered. Fridge was so massive we had to disassemble it to get it in- but it's now in place and fully functional!

- Sorted our garage FULL of our wonderful things into categories: Master bedroom clothes, Luci clothes, kitchen, big items in the middle
- Found out our oven doesn't work :/ but the burners still do- so just no baking for a while, no big deal!
- Master bedroom flooring was completedMonday
- 8:30 AM, we decide we are going to sleep at our house...
- Finished Luci's bedroom floors
- Assembled Luci's bed, our bed, brought in our mattresses, and our dresser and slept in our new home!

There were so many wonderful moments.. I can't even count them all. My dad and I got to spend some quality time on dry wall. This might sound sarcastic but my love language is time- all of my best memories with my dad are when we were working on some project. Filled love tank for sure!

Luci was completely in her element surrounded by family she adored. She found a box that had some bigger toys- it was like Christmas! She was screaming and jumping up and down. I think we should do this more often- wrap up some toys for a month then let her reopen them? :)

Every evening, even though we were all physically absolutely exhausted, we laughed. If it wasn't playing a silly game with "who has Luci's stuffed puppy dog", it was discussing- in depth- the beauty of Portillo's cake shake :) It just felt great to be around family.

One thing is for sure: a lot -if not a majority of things- have gone very wrong in all these projects of ours. I used to get really caught up in the details but recently I just realized: things are going to go horribly wrong. If they DON'T then we are even more blessed. But knowing something will go wrong helps lessen the blow and makes for a much more relaxed and peaceful homeowner!

How was your Memorial Day? Fun? Relaxing? Were you able to grill out? Any fun projects??

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